Going Vegan: Our CEO Talks About His Journey and a Surprising Benefit to Plant-Based Diets

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Turning 40 will cause anyone to re-evaluate their lives. For Feeding Children Everywhere CEO Dave Green, the big 4-0 meant a big change in his diet.

In mid-January, he went vegan … cold Tofurkey. His reasons? Eating a plant-based diet is not just better for your health, it can help to create a hunger-free world.

“For me, having a daughter that is four years old, I want to be there for her and see her get married one day. So I thought, ‘What’s the best possible way for me to live a long, healthy life?’ It became so clear that a plant-based diet was the way to do that,” Green says.

Moreover, a plant-based diet also contributes to environmental sustainability by redirecting the energy used to grow and distribute each gram of protein towards plant-based crops that can be used to feed thousands of people.

“It takes, on average, over 50 times the amount of water to produce a gram of beef protein than it does to produce a gram of lentil protein,” Green explains.

Not that he didn’t have his doubts about his ability to make the switch.

“At first I thought it would be difficult: ‘Am I going to be hungry all the time? Will I get enough protein? Am I going to be tired all the time?’” Green remembers.

But soon after his transition, his body started to like the feeling of being healthy. Not only that but with more people transitioning to a vegan diet, there are now more choices than ever in vegan restaurants and types of foods, including vegan cheeses.

“People know I’m vegan, so when we want to grab lunch, we eat at a healthier restaurant. I’ve seen people around me eat healthier at times as a result of me being vegan,” Green notes.

While not everyone will make the switch to eating vegan, everyone can benefit from putting more plants on their plates.

“I’m not saying that everybody in the world has to go vegan. But eating meat sparingly, or in the right portions, is an important thing anyone can do for their health and for the planet,” Green says.

Considering going vegan? Green recommends these helpful tips:

  • Go at your own pace! “For some, it may be starting to eat more vegetables and fruits, and continuing to eat meat and cheese. It can be a gradual transition.”
  • Try different vegan foods. “Vegan choices have been expanding and substituting those harder choices that people don’t want to give up.”
  • Eat Chick-fil-A Waffle Fries. They’re vegan!
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