Full cart for feeding children everywhere

Full Cart: The Best Value in Grocery and Meal Kit Delivery

Feeding Children Everywhere Full Cart, Impact

Feeding Children Everywhere is excited to announce the launch of a brand new grocery kit delivery service, known as Full Cart.

Busy schedules, expensive grocery bills, and limited access to food makes empty kitchen cabinets all too common in America. When money’s tight and food prices continue to rise, families are faced with tough choices for putting hot meals on the table. That’s why we launched Full Cart, a service that puts you back in control by offering a bag of groceries containing delicious meal kits and popular grocery items delivered to your front door.

A Future with Full Cart

Full Cart is the best value in grocery kit delivery. Get easy-to-cook, tasty meals delivered to your door so you have more time to focus on you and the people that matter most. Perfect for hard-working individuals and families looking for a way to extend their grocery budget.

FCE is also excited to offer career resources through the Full Cart program. Recipients can request to be connected with our job training programs, computer skills training and entrepreneurship program. Career resources help America’s hard-working individuals and families to create a path to financial independence.

Full Cart can be accessed online at Fullcart.org and will be available in the coming days on the App Store and Google Play.