Peggy’s Story: From Hungry to Hunger Hero

Ericka Riker Full Cart, Impact

Back in 2016, Peggy, a wife and mother of two, decided she wanted to donate to teenagers during the holiday season. Much to her dismay, after weeks of looking, she saw that there was no program that specifically helped teens in need. Peggy, far from discouraged, took it upon herself to make such a group. “If it doesn’t exist, I’m going to make it exist.” Thus her facebook group, ‘Helping Families in Need’, was born.

The Reality of Food Insecurity

Peggy is no stranger to food insecurity herself. “I was actually raised in foster care. I got adopted much older, I was 11, but I remember being a child in need. So I started the group to help other people in need.” Through her own experiences, Peggy formulated the online group to help teens in any way she could. But soon after creating the group, Peggy realized there was a need for assistance far beyond the holiday season and beyond teenagers alone. “I started the group to help teenagers in need. But it turned into helping others, whole families in need.” So she decided to turn the group into a virtual food bank of sorts to help as many hungry children and families as she could.

With this design in mind, Peggy began finding sponsors to help donate money for the groceries these families so desperately needed. The biggest issue the group faced was finding the supplies to give to these families. Because this group was created online, it was difficult to find service to ship these groceries directly to the families all over the United States for affordable prices. Each package this group was purchasing was totaling at $80 per family, a staggering expense that kept Peggy from helping as many hungry families as she wanted to reach.

Then, one member of her group mentioned Full Cart to Peggy. Curious, she decided to look more into the program on her own. The ease of online ordering that shipped all over the country was especially appealing since Peggy’s group covers nearly the entire nation. But what was even better to Peggy was the pricing. She was able to stretch her donations even further and help even more families than she imagined: “Before discovering Full Cart, I could only help 50% of people who asked for assistance. Since January, when I discovered Full Cart, we’ve turned that number to 100%.”

Filling Carts and Filling Hearts

Peggy’s group is continuing to grow in both families sponsors and in families in need, but she has seen growth in how Full Cart is helping families overcome food insecurity. “We have what’s called pay it forward. There are people who ask for assistance, and when they can, they come back and donate back to other families who are in need. It’s what keeps our program going.” Peggy is grateful for Full Cart helping her provide healthy groceries the most families possible. “Without Full Cart, it would be impossible to help everybody I want to. It would just be impossible.”

Do you want to help hungry children and families? Become a member of our Grocery Club or volunteer directly with Feeding Children Everywhere today!