Coming Full Circle With Full Cart: April’s Story

Kirsten Krieger Full Cart, Impact

April is a married 44-year-old stay at home mom with six children of her own. Although four of her children are adults, she still cares for two of the youngest. Originally she and her husband both had jobs outside of their home. Her son started to struggle in school and was diagnosed with autism. From that moment on, she decided it was time to make sacrifices.

“We both worked 9-5; we had those jobs but my son wasn’t doing well in public school. We ended up having to go down to one job. We just had to manage our budget a little smarter,” said April.

April now homeschools her son and also runs her virtual administration business that she started in 2008 from home.

Despite her budgeting, April still found that her family was falling short of having enough food. A Facebook friend of hers shared a link to the Full Cart website and she gave it a try. April felt that the process was easy and convenient.

“That was one of the things that I really appreciated; it’s not like you have to turn in all this paperwork. Usually, for local or shelf stable food, they want you to bring everything and the kitchen sink to prove that you need the food,” April said.

April’s first package from Full Cart arrived promptly and full of surprises!

“It was like opening up a jack in the box, like confetti was going to pop out! It was so funny. I opened it and all this food spilled out. It’s a lot that comes in the package!”

She explained that her favorites in the Full Cart package were Hamburger Hero: Stroganoff and Farm and Ladle: Chicken Noodle Soup because of the various recipes you can create with them. April emphasized how important it is to have delicious and nutritious options for her family. As a busy mom, these hearty meal choices go a long way in her household.

“Full Cart does it with dignity for those of us who are struggling or on a tight budget,” said April.

Dignity During a Time of Devastation

However, this isn’t the first time she’s found support from Full Cart and Feeding Children Everywhere. In 2017 April and her family were directly affected by category 4 Hurricane Harvey in her hometown of Houston, Texas. Disaster relief meals were provided to her without her ever knowing she would use Full Cart in the future as well.

“When our electricity was out, it took days to get things back to normal, we couldn’t go to work. But that package got here. We had no electricity, but we had a barbecue. I was boiling jambalaya on charcoal and we ate,” April said.

Through the devastating effects of Harvey and homeschooling her son, April has found great solace in the help Full Cart has provided to her and her family. The idea that Full Cart is a hand up, rather than a hand out sets it apart from other food assistance programs.

April started ordering from Full Cart in 2018 and has since become an ambassador for the program. Her ability to help others and encourage a sense of dignity parallels exactly what Full Cart stands for.

If you’d like to help hardworking women like April and their families, you can donate to the Grocery Club or give your time by volunteering with us right here at Feeding Children Everywhere.