From Full Cart to Full Heart: What Full Cart Looks Like

Ericka Riker Full Cart, Impact

Annie balanced being a successful businesswoman with her home life and had a loving family. However, behind closed doors, she was struggling to keep it all together. She had been diagnosed with multiple serious health conditions, but she felt as though she couldn’t afford to slow down her career to focus on her health. She was the main provider for her family and knew their budget relied on her steady paychecks. Eventually, she couldn’t keep up with the burden her body was bearing and had to apply for disability. With this decision came a bigger obstacle than any she had faced before  supplementing her food supply while trying to fill in the income gap she faced.

The Reality of Hunger

Annie’s story is far from rare. In America, approximately 1 in 5 children come from households that are food insecure. That means in the average classroom, about 4 children do not know where their next meal is coming from or if they will even have one. Many families like Annie’s go from having a steady income to dealing with a new budget every month due to major life events, such as natural disasters, illness or job loss. These key factors are what shifts a family towards food insecurity. Small portions, unhealthy alternatives, and skipped meals became the norm for Annie: “I was barely eating so my daughter would have enough food to get through the school day. She needs to learn. So I didn’t eat.” She knew she needed additional help to fill in the gaps.

Moving On and Moving Up

Annie first heard of Full Cart from a mom group on Facebook when somebody shared their own personal story about how she struggled to feed her family. The box of meals was delivered right to her door in two business days, and she was able to feed her family for an entire month. For Annie, this meant she was able to quickly cook a full meal by herself, a major milestone that she previously thought impossible. To her, the trade up was irreplaceable: “I could spend just as much time cooking the Pasta Bites as I used to spend ordering pizza. And one was so much healthier than the other.”

Help Make Full Hearts

Today, Annie is working hard to get her family back on track and is using Full Cart to do so. She recalls,
“When I read up on Full Cart, I felt that it wasn’t a handout, it was a hand up, and that made me feel good about getting the assistance I needed.”
At Feeding Children Everywhere, we believe that good, nutritious food should not be a sacrifice for any family. Full Cart was made with families like Annie’s in mind to help ease the daily struggle of serving delicious food with a limited budget. For Annie, the meals she receives from Full Cart are priceless. Full Cart is changing lives all across America. “I am so grateful for the peace Full Cart gave me. It might not seem like a lot, but when you’re struggling, it means so much.” With your help, families like Annie’s will be able to achieve food security. If you want to help families like Annie’s, click the links below to donate and join the monthly grocery club or to package grocery kits for Full Cart.