Affordable Fresh Produce For All

Rachel Douglass Full Cart, Why Hunger?

It’s no surprise that the rising cost of food in the United States is making it increasingly difficult for families to have access to healthy and fresh options. We know that fresh produce and nutrient-rich food is very important to maintain a healthy diet. Yet, millions of Americans are living in food deserts or facing a sudden job loss or unexpected illness which leaves them with no other choice than to eat unhealthy food because they can’t afford or easily access what’s needed for a balanced diet.

Imagine the inability to buy groceries at your local supermarket. Instead, you’re forced to survive off of fast food and convenience store cuisine. This is the life of millions of Americans facing sudden hard times. Nearly all of the inexpensive food options are processed, pre-packaged and ready-to-eat. Variety is frequently limited and whole foods are non-existent. It’s 2019 and no one should need to resort to eating dinner from a fast food chain but it’s happening in the U.S. at an alarming rate.

Maybe it’s due to the high costs of fresh produce – or maybe fresh, healthy and affordable options aren’t available in their neighborhoods. While many of us are fortunate enough to have the transportation means to make it to the nearest grocery store and stock up on nutritious fresh foods, that just isn’t realistic to those living in a food desert. While the majority of us reading this are able to afford and access our choice of food, many of our fellow citizens are facing unexpected hurdles and struggle to put food on the table.

Because of this epidemic, many suffer from health issues caused by not getting the nutrients they need from fresh food.  Some even face high levels of stress or poor mental health due to the pressures of living food insecure. On the other hand, if unprocessed food like fresh veggies is a staple in their regular diet, it leads to having a healthier and active lifestyle. Choosing fresh healthy meals will help reduce the risk of heart disease, keep cholesterol and blood pressure in a safe range and decrease chances of obesity.

Fresh Produce, Delivered

Feeding Children Everywhere wants to be a key part of this change and help provide these children and families with the nutrient-packed food they need. Through our Full Cart program, we have been able to deliver delicious meal kits and popular grocery items to the front doors of thousands of hard-working  Americans. In addition, the Family Box option offers two of America’s favorite vegetables – fresh Broccoli and Caprice String Beans. The ability to deliver affordable fresh produce to homes across the U.S. is ground-breaking and we are proud to be at the forefront of this innovative way to provide necessary food to those who need it most.

In order to meet this dire call to provide thousands of families with delicious, healthy and fresh food options, we need the proper resources. As an army of Hunger Heroes, you have the opportunity to contribute to the necessary expansion of the Full Cart program. With the generous support of the Joe & Sarah Galloway Foundation, your contribution will be matched up to $12,500. Together, we can multiply our impact!