Food Pantry Recommends Fed 40: “The Program Is Really Helping”

Alisa Reynolds FCE, Fed 40, Impact

Knowing that one in seven Americans – 46 million people – rely on food pantries and meal service programs, it’s clear that food pantries are vital to our country.

Among these food pantries is the Lake Area Shared Ministries Food Pantry (LASM) in Hunt County, Texas; where over 20 percent of the population, 17,610 people, are food insecure.

To help these people, LASM has distributed over 12 thousand meals since 2010. The problem?

“We allow those in need in our community to come through the food pantry once a month, but it isn’t enough,” says Vonda Jack, vice president and fundraising director at LASM.

Many food pantries face this dilemma; they simply don’t have the resources to stay open as often as needed. Recognizing this issue, LASM found an alternative meal option.

“We have referred our people to the Fed 40 app and have had wonderful feedback. The program is really helping them out.”

To date, LASM has ordered over 2,500 meals through Fed 40 for the Quinlan community and they have become notable hunger heroes at Feeding Children Everywhere.

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