Feeding Children Everywhere’s Dallas Office Is Wind-Powered! What About Your Home or Business?

Brianna Myers Corporate Social Responsibility, Dallas, Sustainability

It all starts with a windmill. Those huge things spinning that you may see over rolling hills and such. The wind turbines convert the kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical power. Then a generator turns that same mechanical power into electricity … and that is what runs the Dallas office of Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE).

The (clockwise-turning) move is part of a Pledge to Sustainability, steps aimed at reducing FCE’s carbon footprint and promoting food production in the communities where FCE’s Red Lentil Jambalaya is served.

“As part of our Pledge, we’ve been researching ways to reduce our carbon footprint and utilize clean energy overall,” said Charles Winston, FCE Operations Coordinator. “When opening the Dallas office, the opportunity presented itself to help us in our goal for sustainability by using windmill power to operate our building.”

Texas Utilities (TXU), which supplies power to our Dallas offices offers five different renewable energy programs to its customers. By paying $10 extra a month, FCE receives 100 percent of its power from the wind.

The Wind Energy Foundation has some great information about installing wind power at your home or business.

Some benefits of wind power:

  • It is one of the lower-costing renewable energy technologies in place.
  • It’s basically inexhaustible. As long as the sun is shining, there will be enough wind power to create energy.
  • Wind turbines do not produce any harmful emissions into the air.

In regards to FCE’s future and expansions, Winston says, “If green options are available in that area, we will gladly work with those companies to bring out a cleaner, more sustainable world.”

I guess we’ll just see which way the wind blows. In the meantime, take a look at FCE’s current Pledge to Sustainability and join FCE in creating a more sustainable and hunger-free world.