Feeding Children Everywhere Rolls Out Red Lentil Jambalaya Meal

Lesley Crews News

If there’s one thing we’re known for at Feeding Children Everywhere, it’s lentils. High in protein, low in fat and an amazing source of fiber, they’re the ultimate superfood and have been the core of our meal since our beginnings.

We LOVE lentils!

So it should come as no surprise that when it came time to update our meal packaging, the lentil was front and center.

In fact, our new meal is virtually identical to the Lentil Casserole that millions around the world have enjoyed. The difference? We’ve upgraded the lentils from green to red.

The difference is more than skin deep, says Dave Green, CEO at FCE and longtime lentil fan. “Switching from green to red lentils provides more protein and an improved flavor profile,” he explains.

Red Lentil Jambalaya

Our new Red Lentil Jambalaya meal.

Moreover, the name of the meal has received an upgrade: Red Lentil Jambalaya, served in a biodegradable package.

According to Green, cultural context and versatility are keys to the new meal. More than 75 percent of FCE’s meals feed hungry people right here in the U.S. The upshot?

“When going into a food pantry, American families are more likely to reach for a meal that looks good and that they can put their own twist on,” Green says. “People all over the country know what jambalaya is. It parallels our current meal so well from a standpoint that it’s very versatile. People can add seasonings or other vegetables or additional proteins and make it their own.”

The new packaging communicates both the versatility of the meal and the dignity we want recipients to feel.

Green concludes. “When families put our meal on their table, they get a delicious, healthy meal that looks like they picked it up at the local grocery store.”

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