FCE Launches New Logo and Vision Statement

Allie Bruckner News

Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) has updated its logo and vision statement: Together for a Hunger-Free World.

“The new logo and vision statement more accurately reflect the sense of optimism our Hunger Heroes bring to the table, and that a hunger-free world is actually possible,” says Dave Green, CEO at FCE.

This is the first time that FCE has changed its logo since its founding in 2010.

Jonathan Sutherland, associate director of marketing at FCE, adds: “The design not only emphasizes our values more accurately, it’s also more practical for us. The color scheme of the previous logo was fun, but was challenging to incorporate into other designs. With our organization expanding so rapidly, we knew it would be important to make the change as we scale.”

The new logo embodies the joy that characterizes FCE. It displays half of a globe accompanied by three children, surrounded by the words “Feeding Children Everywhere.” The varying colors of the children represent the diversity of the organization.

Green concludes, “As these changes roll out with the start of the new year, Feeding Children Everywhere is taking its original mission and embarking on it with a new style. It’s accurate to say that it’s a new day for FCE.”

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