Desert in Paradise: A Closer Look at Orlando’s Communities

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Orlando, Florida has rightfully earned the nickname “the City Beautiful.” When most people think of Orlando, they think of the magic of Walt Disney World, the beautiful downtown skyline, and a place where families come together to make lifelong memories. However, Orlando is more than just a place that tourists visit. It is a city filled with everyday individuals who work hard to provide for themselves and their families.

Often overlooked in Orlando are neighborhoods like Parramore. Parramore is a food desert, an area where it is difficult to purchase affordable fresh food. The residents of Parramore have access to enough food, however, little to none of it is healthy. According to the Junior League of Greater Orlando, nearly 44,000 people in Orlando experience food insecurity. With the help of Hunger Heroes like you, this is something we can change.

The City Beauti-full

Many organizations are realizing this issue and have aimed to expand access to healthier food options for Florida residents. A few years ago, FCE joined the effort to help the thousands who experience food insecurity in Orlando. Food insecurity isn’t something that only affects those who live below the poverty line, this struggle can impact anyone. For the residents of places like Parramore, a meal service that offers healthy meals to your doorstep can change an individual’s life. Full Cart helps those who need to extend their grocery budget and is available to individuals and families all over the country, including the Orlando area. For the price of shipping, a family has access to a box full of healthy and nutritious meals.

 Hunger Projects are another great way to help children and families in need. When people think of those who experience hunger, they might not realize that it can affect people within their own community. Hunger Project hosts have the choice to choose where their meals go. Our team will work partners in your community to keep the meals local. If you or someone you know would like to host a hunger project in your area contact us through the button below!