Corporate Volunteering: Club Assist Talks About the “Ripple Effect” of Social Responsibility

Alisa Reynolds Corporate Social Responsibility, Hunger Heroes

Something that starts as a team building exercise, or work-related community involvement, could result in a life changing experience … not only for you but for the recipient on the other side. Just ask the team at Club Assist.

The Orlando office of Club Assist enlisted the help of Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) to get their ball rolling for their Club Assist Relief Effort (CARE) program in order to reach out and help their surrounding communities.

“One of the staff here had done a Hunger Project with his church, and it just seemed like the perfect fit,” says Deena Grabowski, corporate communication manager at Club Assist.

Deena says the Hunger Project with FCE had a “ripple effect” on the organization. One Club Assist staffer even got to see the impact on the recipient side.

It happened during a mission trip to Honduras, a trip completely unrelated to Feeding Children Everywhere. One day, the staffer was in one of the villages when a truck pulled up. On that truck were Feeding Children Everywhere meals … just like the ones he had packaged with his co-workers.

The staffer reported to Grabowski and the rest of the team at Club Assist the excitement of the villagers as the meals arrived, underscoring the importance and impact of their volunteerism efforts.

“That story lit a fire in people’s hearts,” Grabowski says. “Volunteering at a job-related event is a way to make a huge difference in the lives of others, simply by giving your time and effort.”

Want to make an impact that is felt by your employees and has a ripple effect in the world?