Cigna, Leading the Charge in Corporate Social Responsibility

Dave Green CSR, FCE

How will I feed my children tomorrow? Where can I find healthy food for my kids at a price I can afford? Why isn’t there a grocery store in my community? These are just a few of the questions that low-income families wrestle with on a daily basis.

The challenges for low-income families are complex. Trying to keep up with rising bills and feeding a growing family, while dodging the pitfalls of unexpected expenses can be nearly impossible. Families are forced to make difficult decisions between food quality and paying bills. This complicated struggle has led to a public health crisis in low-income communities throughout America.

The lack of affordable healthy food options creates a long-term cycle of stress and diet-related health issues. The Urban Institute reports that low-income adults are 500 percent more likely to identify being in only poor or fair health when compared to wealthier Americans who identify as being in better health. Another factor that contributes this crisis is health education and access.

Problems this big often seem too difficult to solve. However, we believe awareness is the key to start developing solutions. We believe problems this big can be solved through collaboration between corporations, nonprofits and the community.

That’s where corporate social responsibility can make the biggest impact. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business commitment that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for communities. Cigna, a leading global health service company, is also leading the charge in low income communities through their innovative CSR initiatives.

Through our partnership, Cigna employees have served over 15,000 volunteer hours! Cigna employees have packaged over 2.1 million healthy meals for distribution in low-income communities with over 1.2 million meals distributed right here in the United States. This commitment to providing healthy meals in low-income communities is part of a larger CSR commitment from Cigna to health and well being in the communities they serve.

At Feeding Children Everywhere, we are grateful for the impact Cigna is having in the fight against hunger and the root causes of poverty. Cigna is truly a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility and we look forward to having a long-term impact together for years to come.

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