Celebrate Rice this Month

Brooke Jones Breakfast Bites, FCE, Red Lentil Jambalaya

September is national rice month and Feeding Children Everywhere is ready to celebrate! It’s hard to imagine a small grain can have a whole month devoted to it, but when you look deeper you’ll see why.  Rice is one of the most important grains humans consume. People all over the world rely on rice as a staple in their diet. It’s the oldest known food that’s still widely consumed today- We’ve been eating rice for 5,000 years! In some countries, like India, rice is associated with prosperity. In America it’s a symbol of life and fertility, which is why we throw it on the bride and groom at weddings. Here at FCE, we love rice because it’s a big component in our healthy, delicious meals we send to hungry children and families around the world.

Rice at Feeding Children Everywhere

Our Red Lentil Jambalaya features long grain white rice as well as red lentils, dehydrated vegetables and Pink Himalayan salt. The rice is a source of protein that’s low in fat and sodium. It’s rich in carbohydrates that are necessary to give our bodies energy. Together, rice and the other ingredients create a complete, healthy meal.

Our Breakfast Bites: Apple Pie Oats features crispy puffed brown rice, Scottish oats, dehydrated apple and nutmeg. The crispy puffed brown rice is created by blowing air at high pressure into a brown rice kernel. It has all of the benefits of the white rice and then some. The crispy puffed brown rice is high in dietary fiber, B vitamins and minerals. When mixed with the other ingredients, the crispy puffed brown rice makes a nutritious breakfast.

How you can celebrate

Help us celebrate rice this month by hosting a hunger project, volunteering, starting a fundraiser or donating. With your help, we can send healthy meals full of delicious rice to children and families in need all over the world.