Starting at the Seed

communications intern Sustainability, Why Hunger?

Food security starts right at the seed of the crops. If those seeds cannot grow, food insecurity can touch all of us. Access to healthy food directly impacts our wellbeing.

10 World Environment Day Ideas

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The average American wastes about 103 pounds of food each year. With hunger being a major issue in our world today, we work to push for a change and reduce food waste.

Global Goal: Protecting Life on Land

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When life on land comes to mind, we think of oxygen-filled forests, water flowing from mountain sides, and wildlife coming together to create a full ecosystem. These important aspects of life are exactly what the United Nations set out to protect with Sustainable Development Goals.  Sustainable Development Goal 15 aims to “protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, …

Surveying The Land

Jaelyn Taylor Sustainability, Why Hunger?

Modern society has made tremendous advancements in technology, healthcare, and other industries that have improved the economic output and quality of life for most of the world. Much of the world though, faces a different reality considering that more than 60% of the global population still depends on agriculture as their only source of income. Ninety percent of agricultural lands …

Ending Hunger and Empowering Women

Jaelyn Taylor Sustainability, Why Hunger?

As 2019 slides into its last few months, women in the United States anticipate the centennial celebration of women’s suffrage. A hundred years has allowed much to be done for women’s rights and gender equality, especially in developing countries around the world; however, there are still miles to go. The United Nations has acknowledged these gender-based inequalities and in 2015, …

A Sustainable Future is #Goals

Rachel Douglass Sustainability, Why Hunger?

If you’re someone like me, you’re thinking of what you’re going to have for dinner while you’re eating lunch. It’s common to plan vacations around places to eat while exploring a new or beloved city. It’s a tradition to gather around tables during holidays and share food with our loved ones. It’s a part of our culture. We know how …

Rwandan Children Plant 150 Fruit Trees, Sow Seeds of Sustainability for Generations to Come

Danielle Lee Africa, FCE, IDEAS for Us, Impact, Sustainability

Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) is disrupting hunger and planting the seeds of sustainability through an innovative tree-planting program taking place on the other side of the world in Rwanda. In cooperation with IDEAS for Us, the FCE Forest was established earlier this month on the grounds of Joy Christian School in Kigali. Students learned all about mangoes, tree tomatoes and …

Four Things You Can Do (And Two Things You Should Never Do) To Create a Hunger-free World

Danielle Lee FCE, Sustainability

Hunger. It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of such a huge issue. However, there are many things everyday people can do to create a hunger-free world. Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) CEO, Dave Green, whose personal journey has included going vegan both for his health and to help create a hunger-free world, offers these suggestions. For starters, here are …

Feeding Children Everywhere’s Dallas Office Is Wind-Powered! What About Your Home or Business?

Brianna Myers Corporate Social Responsibility, Dallas, Sustainability

It all starts with a windmill. Those huge things spinning that you may see over rolling hills and such. The wind turbines convert the kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical power. Then a generator turns that same mechanical power into electricity … and that is what runs the Dallas office of Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE). The (clockwise-turning) move is …