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Feeding Children Everywhere FCE, Impact

COVID-19 has been a challenging and uncertain time for many. Since this has affected our economy in such a drastic way, there is a huge need for America’s virtual food bank, Full Cart.

Staying Healthy and Helpful

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COVID-19 has been a challenging and uncertain time for many. With millions losing jobs and access to affordable food, we are so grateful for Hunger Heroes that find new and exciting ways for people all over the globe to have a positive influence.

International Women’s Day

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We celebrate International Women’s Day each year. However, Elena Terrell doesn’t celebrate just the holiday, she lives it as a motto. Volunteering with Shared Blessings has been a huge part of Terrell’s life for the past few years and she continues to spread support for this amazing cause every day.

Peggy’s Story: From Hungry to Hunger Hero

Ericka Riker Full Cart, Impact

Back in 2016, Peggy, a wife and mother of two, decided she wanted to donate to teenagers during the holiday season. Much to her dismay, after weeks of looking, she saw that there was no program that specifically helped teens in need. Peggy, far from discouraged, took it upon herself to make such a group. “If it doesn’t exist, I’m …

Coming Full Circle With Full Cart: April’s Story

Kirsten Krieger Full Cart, Impact

April is a married 44-year-old stay at home mom with six children of her own. Although four of her children are adults, she still cares for two of the youngest. Originally she and her husband both had jobs outside of their home. Her son started to struggle in school and was diagnosed with autism. From that moment on, she decided …

From Full Cart to Full Heart: What Full Cart Looks Like

Ericka Riker Full Cart, Impact

Annie balanced being a successful businesswoman with her home life and had a loving family. However, behind closed doors, she was struggling to keep it all together. She had been diagnosed with multiple serious health conditions, but she felt as though she couldn’t afford to slow down her career to focus on her health. She was the main provider for …

Giving Tuesday: Disaster Relief for Hurricane Victims

Julie Mast Impact

Due to the numerous devastating hurricanes this year, there are many people in need of help. Thousands of children have yet to return to school because the school buildings have been too badly damaged following Hurricane Michael in the Florida Panhandle. There are many elderly residents in the Panama City Beach area who are struggling to survive due to the …
feedning children in venezuela

15,000 Meals Distributed by a Helping Hand in Venezuela

Julie Mast FCE, Impact

Jehiel Guzman: A Hometown Hunger Hero Venezuela is currently struggling with a country-wide crisis. The economic and political crisis has taken a huge toll on the people, making food supply scarce for a majority of the country. The food that is available to most people has little to no nutritional value. Jehiel Guzman is originally from Barquisimeto, Venezuela and currently …