Fighting Food Insecurity

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Although there are claims that COVID-19 may trigger a “looming food crisis”, organizations like FCE are creating innovative solutions to these issues through America’s Virtual Food Bank, Full Cart.

10 World Environment Day Ideas

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The average American wastes about 103 pounds of food each year. With hunger being a major issue in our world today, we work to push for a change and reduce food waste.

Healthy At Home for Kids

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Some ways to have fun while staying at home is by having your kids get involved in the kitchen, staying active (even if it means staying inside) and learning about healthy living!

Breaking GOOD News!

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COVID-19 has been a challenging and uncertain time for many. Since this has affected our economy in such a drastic way, there is a huge need for America’s virtual food bank, Full Cart.

Staying Healthy and Helpful

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COVID-19 has been a challenging and uncertain time for many. With millions losing jobs and access to affordable food, we are so grateful for Hunger Heroes that find new and exciting ways for people all over the globe to have a positive influence.

COVID-19 Update: Workplace Safety

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FCE is closely monitoring reports from the CDC and taking precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of our recipients, partners, and employees.

International Women’s Day

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We celebrate International Women’s Day each year. However, Elena Terrell doesn’t celebrate just the holiday, she lives it as a motto. Volunteering with Shared Blessings has been a huge part of Terrell’s life for the past few years and she continues to spread support for this amazing cause every day.

Global Goal: Protecting Life on Land

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When life on land comes to mind, we think of oxygen-filled forests, water flowing from mountain sides, and wildlife coming together to create a full ecosystem. These important aspects of life are exactly what the United Nations set out to protect with Sustainable Development Goals.  Sustainable Development Goal 15 aims to “protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, …

Beating Hunger? That’s Music to Our Ears!

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Last night, The Beat Brothers hosted a benefit concert with the proceeds going to Feeding Children Everywhere. Because of their generous actions and the donations given, FCE now has the funds needed to distribute 2600 meals to hungry children that need it most.  He, along with four other bands Violet Flair, Nightbreakers, Little Lazy, and Run Raquel, rocked the night …