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5 Benefits of Hosting a Hunger Project for Your Company

Madison Firios CSR, FCE

1. Increase Employee Engagement It shows in a company whether their employees are involved, excited and committed to their work. When employee morale is low, productivity suffers. A report issued by Realized Worth states that “for companies where employees were more engaged than not, their profitability jumped by 16%, general productivity was 18% higher than other companies, [and] customer loyalty …

Cigna, Leading the Charge in Corporate Social Responsibility

Dave Green CSR, FCE

How will I feed my children tomorrow? Where can I find healthy food for my kids at a price I can afford? Why isn’t there a grocery store in my community? These are just a few of the questions that low-income families wrestle with on a daily basis. The challenges for low-income families are complex. Trying to keep up with …