Love for South Sudan

Shannon Tokumaru Africa, FCE, Impact

Children see the world in bright colors. For them, it is a platform of possibility. Children deserve to have their future filled with opportunity and ambition. What happens when their world gets stripped of that color and becomes clouded by dust? Residents of South Sudan make up 1.4 million of the world’s refugees and they are fleeing to settlements in …

Rwandan Children Plant 150 Fruit Trees, Sow Seeds of Sustainability for Generations to Come

Danielle Lee Africa, FCE, IDEAS for Us, Impact, Sustainability

Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) is disrupting hunger and planting the seeds of sustainability through an innovative tree-planting program taking place on the other side of the world in Rwanda. In cooperation with IDEAS for Us, the FCE Forest was established earlier this month on the grounds of Joy Christian School in Kigali. Students learned all about mangoes, tree tomatoes and …

100,000 Meals Arrive in Africa Thanks to Plea from Nigerian Princess

Lesley Crews Africa, Corporate Social Responsibility, Hunger Heroes, Impact, News

When Princess Modupe Ozolua of Nigeria emailed our CEO this fall, pleading for healthy meals for survivors of terrorism, the reply was obvious! Now, those meals have arrived and are being distributed along with medication and supplements to “internally displaced persons” (IDPs) in Maiduguri, Borno State. IDPs are people who have been displaced due to terrorism. The violence in the …
Stephen Itiakorit “iSteve”

Uganda Partner Brews Up Plan to Employ Youth With “Coffee Bikes”

Ryan Glaze Africa, News

Feeding Children Everywhere hosted a special guest this semester. Stephen Itiakorit (“iSteve” as he prefers) is a local from Uganda, a country where over a third of the population make less than $2 a day. FCE was excited to benefit from his unique cultural background and experience and to help him serve the nation of Uganda by learning how we …

Atlanta Families Packaging 350,000 Meals for “Orphan Prevention” in Africa

Robert Andrescik Africa, News

ATLANTA, Ga. — Families in Atlanta are coming together to package 350,000 healthy meals for families on the other side of the world, in east Africa, that have been affected by HIV/AIDs. Parents and children of all ages will roll up their sleeves, don colorful hairnets and work side-by-side packaging the meals with CARE for AIDS in partnership with Feeding …
Princess Modupe Ozolua

Plea From Nigerian Princess Results in 100,000 Meals for Victims of Terrorism

Robert Andrescik Africa, Hunger Heroes, News

Normally, an email such as this might have gone straight to spam: Hello, I sent you an email yesterday. Hope you received it? Looking forward to this great partnership. Regards, PRINCESS MODUPE OZOLUA A princess in need of help? That would raise anyone’s eyebrows. However, this plea was real … and the stakes are no laughing matter. Princess Ozolua is …