CARE for AIDS is Celebrating its 10th Anniversary

Brooke Jones CARE for AIDS, FCE

CARE for AIDS, a partner of Feeding Children Everywhere, just celebrated its 10th anniversary! Our partnership has provided thousands of Kenyans with healthy and nutritious meals. In its 10 years of service, CARE for AIDS has opened 48 centers, had 9,673 people graduate its program, and prevented 32,230 orphans. We’re grateful to have provided over 1.5 million meals through our partnership and with the help of other key partners like Cigna.

The CARE for AIDS and Feeding Children Everywhere Partnership

Our partnership with CARE for AIDS helps alleviate food cost by providing the organization with nutritious meals that are packaged at Hunger Projects. By FCE providing meals, CARE for AIDS is able to allocate more resources to important program efforts. The centers provide each client in the CARE for AIDS program food, health and emotional counseling, medical assistance and training in practical skills. Our meal helps boost the effectiveness of the clients’ antiretroviral medication and serves as an incentive to participate in the CARE for AIDS program. It is through partnerships like this that we’re able to support long-term sustainability in regions of the world that need help so desperately.

Plans for the Future

When asked about the future, co-founder of CARE for AIDS, Justin Miller said, “Our goal at CARE for AIDS is to work ourselves out of a job. We have intentionally finite partnerships with each community we work in—the goal is that, after eight to 10 years, we exit the communities we work in and leave the work of caring for HIV+ people in the community to the church. We work to empower Kenyan churches to care for their communities in a powerful way, and we have seen this exit strategy work in two of our communities already.”

FCE is thankful for our partnership with CARE for AIDS and we’re happy to work with an organization in alignment with our restorative approach to international aid. Our goal is to help create self-sufficient communities and our partnership with CARE for AIDS does exactly that.

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