Atlanta Families Packaging 350,000 Meals for “Orphan Prevention” in Africa

Robert Andrescik Africa, News

ATLANTA, Ga. — Families in Atlanta are coming together to package 350,000 healthy meals for families on the other side of the world, in east Africa, that have been affected by HIV/AIDs.

Parents and children of all ages will roll up their sleeves, don colorful hairnets and work side-by-side packaging the meals with CARE for AIDS in partnership with Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) — Nov. 5, beginning at 10 a.m., at the Georgia International Convention Center.

Hundreds of volunteers are still needed, and signup is available at

CARE for AIDS has created an innovative solution to the HIV/AIDS crisis that engages leaders, churches and communities in east Africa in caring for families affected by the disease. Through a nine-month program, they teach individuals the skills they need to earn money, understand their disease and take care of themselves, so they can be there for their children.

“Our main goal is orphan prevention,” explains Molly Heacock, community relations director of CARE for AIDS. “In Kenya, for example, many men and women who are HIV-positive die a premature death, leaving behind an average of four orphans per household.”

Most clients live 20-25 years longer than they would have without CARE for AIDS’ assistance, she says.

Food is a major part of their program, which is where FCE comes in. During their weekly counseling sessions, participants receive healthy meals packaged by volunteers. “The good nutrition helps to make the medicine work properly,” Heacock explains.

The Hunger Project in Atlanta is CARE for AIDS’ first stateside volunteering opportunity, she adds. “It’s the first time people can engage in our work without traveling all the way to Kenya. It’s a way to make a hands-on difference for someone across the globe without leaving home.”


Sat, Nov. 5, 2016

10 AM – 1 PM EDT


Georgia International Convention Center

2000 Convention Center Concourse, Atlanta