A New Hope — Breaking the Generational Cycle of Poverty

Robert Andrescik Breakfast Bites, National Breakfast Program

There is a common struggle that has united humanity since the beginning: survival. For the 13.1 million children in the U.S. facing food insecurity, that struggle still exists today.

Food meets a fundamental human need, and a child who goes to school hungry has little chance of achieving his or her dreams.

Children are experiencing lifelong consequences because of something outside of their control, reducing their academic achievement and dimming their future success. Research shows that children without a healthy breakfast struggle with lower test scores and increased behavioral problems. That struggle leads to lower graduation rates and the disparity creates a generational cycle of poverty.

Knowing breakfast is the foundation for a productive day, many schools offer free breakfast for low-income students. But breakfast programs at schools have historically low participation rates for two primary reasons:

First, it’s hard for any parent to get their child to school early, but this is especially true for low-income families, who are more likely to have transportation challenges and less-flexible hourly work schedules.

The second reason for low participation rates is shame. It can be very painful to feel singled out, and kids are especially sensitive to that pressure.

Although the challenge is huge, there is a new hope. Feeding Children Everywhere is excited to announce an innovative national breakfast program that addresses the root causes of hunger and helps to break the cycle of generational poverty.

FCE’s line of Breakfast Bites is all-natural and can be served hot or cold, recommended with any popular type of milk. The initial recipe, Apple Pie Oats, is made with puffed brown rice, Scottish oats, real apple and nutmeg. It’s packed with the nutrition kids need to start their day. There’s no sugar added, and the meal also passes the biggest test — it’s delicious!

Together, we can give hope and a brighter future to millions of kids. Because it’s difficult to have hope when you don’t even have breakfast.

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