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A Million Meals Down, 3 Million to Go! AARP Foundation Kicks Off “Summer of Service to Seniors”

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AARP Foundation is ready to kick off its Summer of Service to Seniors following a Million Meal Pack this weekend with the Miami Dolphins and U.S. Hunger, the domestic feeding program of Feeding Children Everywhere.

The Meal Pack took place in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., this past Sunday, April 30, at the Rick Case Arena at Nova Southeastern University and is part of a five-project series with U.S. Hunger that will provide a total of 4 million meals for struggling seniors. More than 5,000 enthusiastic volunteers came together to pack 1,003,680 meals for struggling seniors in South Florida.

Miami Dolphins President & CEO Tom Garfinkel, Executive Vice President of Football Operations Mike Tannenbaum and Head Coach Adam Gase, along with coaches, staff, current players and alumni, donned colorful hairnets and took to the assembly lines to pack meals. The Dolphins even gave away tickets to a 2017 home game at Hard Rock Stadium to a few lucky volunteers.

Many adults age 50 and over suffer huge increases in long-term unemployment and joblessness. One in four seniors has depleted their savings and is now living paycheck to paycheck.

AARP Foundation works to create and advance solutions that help low-income older adults meet their most basic needs — access to nutritious food, affordable, livable and healthy housing, a steady income, and strong social connections. In addition, the organization advocates on behalf of older adults in court and raises awareness of the severity of poverty among seniors in our nation.

“The work AARP Foundation does is critical,” said Dave Green, CEO of Feeding Children Everywhere. “Not many people realize the challenges that many seniors are facing. We really value the partnership we have with this organization.”

This weekend’s kickoff event with the Miami Dolphins “was a win across the board,” Green adds.

AARP Foundation’s Summer of Service to Seniors begins June 3 in Memphis and continues on to Denver, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C. Want to join them?

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