9,237 Meals Headed to Haitian School, Because It’s Hard to Learn on an Empty Stomach

Robert Andrescik Haiti, Impact, News

Students at Hope Christian Academy in Bon Repos, Haiti, are making the grade. These amazing children are reading and writing beyond their grade levels and during national exams, they had a 90 percent passing rate. The problem?

“Many of our children walk to school on empty stomachs and leave at the end of the day with no expectation of a meal at home,” explains Frantz Schlesinger De Milord, executive director. “We started feeding them at the school, but it has been a challenge because we haven’t been able to do it consistently every day.”

To help address this need, a shipment of 9,237 life-sustaining meals packaged by volunteers with Feeding Children Everywhere are headed to the school. Students will not only be provided with a nutritious lunch, they’ll also be given meals to take home.

“Now, they can eat every day and share with their families,” De Milord beams.

Thank you, Hunger Heroes!

PHOTO: Frantz Schlesinger De Milord, center, and his team received meals for Hope Christian Academy. Next stop: Haiti!