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336,096 Meals Sent to Help Families in Africa in Partnership With CARE for AIDS

Allie Bruckner CARE for AIDS, FCE, Impact

Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) has sent 336,096 nutritious meals to its long-term partner, CARE for AIDS.

CARE for AIDS works toward orphan prevention in Kenya. Through a nine-month program, they teach people with HIV/AIDS how to care for the disease and maintain their health, allowing them to continue to care for their children. With numerous centers located throughout the country, CARE for AIDS engages leaders, churches and communities to help care for families affected by the disease.

Fighting HIV/AIDS is a challenge in itself, but malnutrition and poverty make it even tougher. This is where FCE is able to help.

“Nutrition is a particularly important aspect of physical transformation for the people we work with. Receiving these healthy meals will help people break the cycle of poverty and disease,” says Molly Heacock, community relations director at CARE for AIDS. 

This is the second shipment of meals that CARE for AIDS will receive this year, with hopes of many more for the future. Since the start of their partnership in 2012, FCE has provided them with over 1.5 million meals.

“Our meal works hand in hand with the treatment that CARE for AIDS provides for those battling HIV/AIDS,” says Jarrod Fucci, vice president of program operations at FCE. “Having a nutritious meal is vital in the healing process, and we’re glad to be a part of it.”