100,000 Meals Arrive in Africa Thanks to Plea from Nigerian Princess

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When Princess Modupe Ozolua of Nigeria emailed our CEO this fall, pleading for healthy meals for survivors of terrorism, the reply was obvious!

Now, those meals have arrived and are being distributed along with medication and supplements to “internally displaced persons” (IDPs) in Maiduguri, Borno State.

IDPs are people who have been displaced due to terrorism. The violence in the region has displaced 2.8 million people, mostly from Nigeria. Millions more face dire food shortages.

The great-granddaughter of a legendary warrior king, Princess Ozolua is the founder of Empower 54, an international nonprofit dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance in Africa.

According to Ozolua, “The impact of the FCE meals can’t be underestimated because the special formulation of the ingredients will provide desperately needed nutrition to children and adults deprived of such nutrition due to their circumstances.”

IDP Children Photo 1 IDP Photo 2

The Empower 54 team worked closely with Nigeria’s military and State Ministry of Health to safely distribute the meals and medicine.

“A more comprehensive roadmap of remote locations where the other meals will be distributed is in the works with great emphasis on adequate security being in place for safe accessibility,” says Princess Ozolua.

During the distribution, the team was able to cook and enjoy FCE’s meal together with recipients.

Packaged by Hunger Heroes at FCE Hunger Projects, the meals are playing a significant role in keeping people alive and healthy so that they can eventually return home and rebuild their lives. They’re also having an impact in the fight against terror, Ozolua adds.

The final meal distribution to remote communities will commence in March.