100,000,000 Meals Distributed; Countless Lives Impacted

Madison Firios FCE, Impact

Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) started around a family’s dining room table and has grown into a global movement. Our mission: activating people for a hunger-free world. We are creating a lasting impact in the lives of those who need it most. On July 1, we officially hit 100 MILLION MEALS!!! This is an incredible milestone that we could not have done without our Hunger Heroes.

Formed in 2010 as an urgent response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Feeding Children Everywhere is responsible for delivering millions of meals to 43 states and 53 countries around the world.

We have now expanded our warehouse locations to five different cities including Longwood, Dallas/Fort Worth, Salt Lake City, Chicago and New York. This growth decreases our shipping expenses and carbon footprint while increasing our efficiency.

It’s All About the Impact!

It is more than just putting food in the belly of a child and their family. It’s about providing hope and letting them know there’s a brighter future. Through our Fed 40 program and by partnering with food distribution partners, we are able to provide healthy meals packed with necessary nutrients.

Breaking the Cycle of Generational Poverty

Either by distributing meals through local food banks or through our Fed 40 program, about 70% of our meals stay in the United States. Through incredible programs like Fed 40, a mom battling cancer found hope in a box of meals for her and her son. A mom of three, Josie, went back to school after surviving a domestic abuse relationship while still working full-time. FCE was able to provide a little extra assistance to ensure that her children have healthy and delicious meals while their mother fights towards a better future. These are just two of the inspiring stories that represent millions of lives changed.

Love Has No Limits

Millions of healthy meals have also reached families all around the globe. We are pushing back the border to fight hunger in places like the Caribbean, Middle East and Africa. Whether it’s a war-torn community or developing country, it starts with hope by way of a healthy meal.

You can be directly involved with one of our international efforts on July 14th. We are hosting a special event to package life-saving meals for refugees fleeing South Sudan. Not only will we send them 300,000 meals, but we are also raising funds to build schools and other economic development programs to empower them toward self-sufficiency. Learn more about the project and register here.

Dave Green, CEO, explains “food meets a fundamental need and meeting that need leads to restoration. Together, we’re helping transform communities and, ultimately, the world.”

Thanks Again, Hunger Heroes!

Every single meal we have distributed is because of Hunger Heros like you. We are so grateful for all of your support on this mission toward a hunger–free world!