Our Meal

Feeding Children Everywhere has a commitment to those we serve – to provide the healthiest meal possible for children and families around the world. This is why we chose to work directly with a nutritionist to put together the ingredients of our delicious Red Lentil Jambalaya.

Our meal is all-natural with no artificial flavorings. Our meal is also a sustainable addition to the daily diet.

Feeding Children Everywhere's Red Lentil Jambalaya is made up of 61% lentils, 30% rice, 8% dehydrated vegetables, and 1% pink himalayan salt

The Ingredients


Lentils include a great source of protein and fiber.

White Rice

A global staple food, rice, is rich in carbohydrates which fuel and activate the body and mind.

Dehydrated Vegetables

Vegetables provide natural vitamins.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt has 84 trace minerals.

The Cookbook

Veggies, Lentils and Rice, Oh My! The Feeding Children Everywhere meal is not only extremely healthy, but also very versatile. Everyone from professional Chefs to FCE enthusiasts have been asking for innovative ways to make our meal at home for their family and friends.