Happy National Eat Beans Day

Today is National Eat Beans Day! Just in time to celebrate the holiday, Feeding Children Everywhere’s meal now includes one whole cup of lentils. To recognize the day, FCE wants to share with our Hunger Heroes exactly how important beans are to maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet. Because we realize the significant benefits of lentils, we have officially launched this new FCE lentil casserole!

Beans are not only high in protein, fiber, and antioxidants, but they also help in combating diseases, not to mention they’re delicious! Beans also provide energy to the brain and muscles, as they are packed with complex carbohydrates.

Lentils, though small in size, have monumental affects on an individual’s health making them the heartiest of legumes. Just one cup of lentils provides 6 mg of iron, 38 mg of calcium, and fulfills 1/3 of your daily protein requirement. A diet rich in lentils can lower your chance of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and reduce your cholesterol levels.

As the tiniest of the beans, lentils are quick to make, and easy to digest.  It’s no wonder they are an important addition to the FCE meal.

Check out the FCE Cookbook to get some recipes on how to cook your lentils here!

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