Our Mission

Feeding Children Everywhere is a social charity
that empowers and mobilizes people
to assemble healthy meals for hungry children.

The Movement

1. The Movement Begins

Events in Feeding Children Everywhere founder Don Campbell’s life made him the man of the house at an early age. As a result, Don became the family chef at 10 years old and has been inviting people to share in his love of food and fellowship ever since. Don has always had an open table policy, and is humbled to have mentored and fed hundreds of children from his own dining room table. Inspired to do more, Don and his wife Kristen put together their life savings to found Feeding Children Everywhere. With the help of dedicated friends and volunteers the movement began.

2. 90 Days Later

Just 90 days after starting the Feeding Children Everywhere movement, Don and Kristen were able to ship the first 250,000-meal container to Open Door Haiti, the first school that Feeding Children Everywhere would partner with to provide healthy meals to hungry children.

3. The Movement Hits a Milestone

By November 2011, Feeding Children Everywhere had shipped over five million meals to four continents throughout the world. Through the efforts of Hunger Heroes across the country, schools and orphanages have been able to nearly triple in size because of the meals supplied to their programs.

4. Love Local

In late 2011, 60 Minutes aired a segment called Hard Times Generation: Homeless Children. It featured a boy and a girl named Arielle and Austin. They were homeless in the Campbell’s hometown.
Heartbroken by the story, Feeding Children Everywhere created a program called Love Local to combat hunger here at home. The Campbell’s were inspired to make sure that every family has the ability to put healthy food on the dinner table.

5. The Movement Today

To date, Feeding Children Everywhere has sent 30 million meals around the world and shipped over ten million meals to hungry children in 25 different states across the country. Feeding Children Everywhere has a vision that every child in the world will have sustainable access to food by 2020.

Together, we are Feeding Children Everywhere.

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