The Cookbook

Veggies, Lentils and Rice, Oh My! The Feeding Children Everywhere meal is extremely healthy, but also very versatile. Chefs to FCE fanatics have been asking for ways to make our meal at home for their family and friends. Now, we have our very own Cookbook! Below are three amazing recipes, along with instructional videos, created by our friend Chef Nathan Lippy. We encourage you to submit your own favorite recipes for us to share as well.


A True Classic

Experience what TIME Magazine calls one of the “Next Big Things”

To watch the video click here.

Arroz con Pollo

The FCE take on a yummy and healthy chicken and rice.

To watch the video click here.

Jumpin’ Jambalaya

One of our staff’s favorites! If you enjoy a bit of heat with your meal, then this recipe is for you! Just a few ingredients can kick up the FCE meal.

To watch the video click here.


To try out these delicious twists on a classic, click here to donate $10 and receive a FCE meal as our gift to you. Each bag holds six meals and your $10 donation will FEED 40 PEOPLE around the world!

To submit your own Feeding Children Everywhere recipe, click here. Add your recipe in the comment section with your name and location.