Intern Opportunities

Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) offers internships that bring you to the forefront in the fight against hunger right here at home and around the world. Our internship opportunities can give you the chance to make an impact that extends to the far reaches of the world and will make an impact in your life. You will see the inner-workings and passion behind the fast-paced growth of an international non-profit. Our goal is not only have you work in a field you are driven to learn more about, but also to see you grow in all aspects of your life. All interns will have the chance to travel to “Hunger Projects” where thousands of volunteers are empowered and mobilized to take a stand against world hunger, while helping to package millions of meals for hungry children.

Currently, we have internship opportunities available in three locations across the country: Orlando, the Northeast (Hartford, CT) and West Coast (Los Angeles, CA).

Application Deadlines:
Fall 2015 – August 3rd

Internship Overview

Our Intern Program will give you an inside view of a fast growing non-profit as well as give you the opportunity to help our organization expand! Each intern will gain office experience as well as travel to multiple Hunger Projects where you get to empower and mobilize hundreds to thousands of volunteers!

Office Experience:

  • Interns work 15 office hours/week.
  • Responsibilities range depending on position.
  • Projects are meaningful and allow for creativity and growth opportunities.
  • Interns work under a highly motivated and FUN staff.

Hunger Projects:

  • Hunger Projects are large, energetic events where volunteers package thousands of healthy meals for hungry children.
  • All Interns travel to attend and lead multiple events.


As an intern, you will have the opportunity to impact the lives of thousands of people! Meals are sent all over the United States and also around the world. Your internship has the potential to impact a child in countries like Haiti, or even the hungry down the street. While you are impacting others, we can assure you that this internship will also be leaving a significant impression on your own life!


  • Orlando, FL
  • Hartford, CT
  • Los Angeles, CA



  • Fall 2015: August 24th-December 18th

Hours: Typical intern office hours are as follows:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday (9 a.m. – 3 p.m.)
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (9 a.m. – 3 p.m.)
  • Tuesday, Thursday (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

Communications | Community Engagement | Logistics | Finance | Graphic Design | Human Resources | Merchandise | Organizational Development | Web Design

Northeast & West Coast Position


The Northeast (Hartford, CT) and West Coast (Los Angeles, CA) offices are our newest locations and in need of interns to help spread the movement! Interns will work directly with our Regional Staff to get the word out and build momentum! This position includes a culmination of duties and focuses that help our regional offices operate smoothly: from connecting via phone call, email, or in person with volunteers and donors, leading events, getting the community engaged, to helping pack and ship meals to hungry children all around the world! All Interns will get the opportunity to travel and lead Hunger Projects. Northeast and West Coast Interns are crucial to helping FCE spread locally and globally.

Orlando Positions


Our Communications Interns are the voice of Feeding Children Everywhere to our mass audiences, donors and volunteers. They have the crucial role of keeping the community informed, while spreading “The Movement” nation-wide. This position offers an opportunity to develop skills in: social media, public relations, and professionalism with a focus in Communications and Marketing. Back to Top

Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement Interns are the bridge between Feeding Children Everywhere and our volunteers. They have the crucial role of keeping the community involved, and recruiting volunteers nationwide for our Hunger Projects. This position offers an opportunity to build and lead programs, develop verbal communication and professional skills, with a focus in building relationships and volunteerism. Back to Top


Our Logistics Interns work directly with our shipping, purchasing, and warehouse managers to ensure that inventory (down to the last bag of lentils) is ready for each and every event. This specific role requires some heavy lifting (50-100 lb bags of lentils & rice) and travel (as they will help lead events that take place all over the state of Florida). Logistics Interns will be exposed to the ins-and-outs of inventory management, shipping & distribution, and keeping our warehouse always looking top notch! Back to Top


Our Finance Interns work directly with our Financial Controller and our Fundraising Department to help manage our day-to-day activities. This role will be integral in making sure that budgets and donor funds are handled in the best ethical ways possible. There will be opportunities to not only work on major reporting, but also to connect with donors from all over the world. Back to Top

Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design Interns work alongside our creative team of designers, photographers, and web designers, to conceptualize and execute projects across a multi-medium platform. As an intern, you will play a vital role in this team and be given significant projects that will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. From logos, to banners, to our high fashioned t-shirt and iPhone cover designs, this internship is ideal for skilled graphic design students or recent graduates who are looking to learn and be challenged by a highly creative environment. Back to Top

Human Resources

Our Human Resource Interns are the connectors of Feeding Children Everywhere to Universities and College Students around the country. They have the crucial role of recruiting passionate and highly motivated individuals to join the fight against hunger in 3 different locations (Orlando-FL, Hartford-CT, and Los Angeles-CA). HR Interns will have opportunities such as: going out in the community, lead speaking engagements, and conducting interviews. This position offers development in communications, marketing, and professional skills, with a focus in Human Resources & Recruitment. Back to Top


Our Merchandise Interns are the trend-setters here at Feeding Children Everywhere. They have the exciting role of spreading the heart of FCE to the world through our merchandise line. Merch Interns are always keeping up to date with the trends in customer demand. With every merchandise purchase, 40 children are fed. Because of this, there is much motivation to present a line that inspires people! This position offers the opportunity to gain experience in a Cause-Driven Merchandise Line that encourages creativity and growth. Back to Top

Organizational Development

Leading a fast growing non-profit that sends millions of meals all around the world, takes a high level of motivation, passion, and lots of organization. Our Organizational Development Interns are the right hands for our executive staff (VP of Operations & VP of Human Resources) that lead the troops in our efforts against hunger. If you love organization, spreadsheets, planning, are professional, and a great communicator (written & verbally) this position will be a great fit for you! Your role will be vital for many of FCE’s day-to-day organizational logistics. Excellent organization skills and task management are required. Back to Top

Web Design

Our Web Design Interns work alongside our creative team of designers & web designers to conceptualize and execute projects across a multi-medium platform. As the web is the easiest way to stay connected with people globally, keeping our website fresh and up-to-date is top priority. As an intern, you will play a vital role in managing our website’s day to day changes, launching our newest campaign pages, and helping with our occasional facelifts needed to always have the latest and greatest website! Back to Top

Meet Our Interns

Take a look at a few of our current Interns and what they have to say about their experiences with Feeding Children Everywhere!


Question & Answer

Do I qualify to be an Intern at Feeding Children Everywhere?

  • Do you love connecting with people and building relationships?
  • Do you have a strong work ethic and a positive attitude?
  • Do you have excellent communication skills?
  • Are you organized and pay close attention to details?
  • Are you a high school graduate?
  • Are you located around the Orlando, Hartford, or Los Angeles area?
  • If you answered yes to all of the above, then you are definitely the type of person that FCE would love to have as an Intern!

Who will my manager be?

Each Intern position has a designated staff manager that is dedicated to your individual training and development. We pride ourselves on being a team-based organization, and we view our Interns as part of our staff! Your input and ideas are always valued and encouraged!

Is this a paid internship?

Our internship is a volunteer position. Although there is no monetary compensation, our Interns are paid through experience and the opportunity to help provide meals for hungry children all around the world!

Am I able to earn college credit?

For our Orlando location, we work with many universities that offer class credit for the internship, however all paperwork and requirements are done through your university.

Northeast and West Coast class credit opportunities coming soon.

What are Hunger Projects?

Hunger Projects are the bread and butter for FCE! These are events where all the work in the office unfolds in front of the whole community. FCE partners with organizations all across the US to package healthy meals for hungry children, both locally and globally. For every dollar, we are able to send 4 healthy meals to those in need. As an Intern, you will lead hundreds to thousands of volunteers packing meals at our events! It is the most rewarding part of what we do here at Feeding Children Everywhere. If one event can package thousands of meals, just think of how many lives you’ll help over the course of your internship.

When traveling to Hunger Projects, do I cover my own expenses?

FCE organizes all travel logistics, from transportation, meals, flights, and gas.

What equipment do I need to be an intern?

  • Cell phone
  • Laptop
  • Reliable transportation

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