Corporate Events

Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) is proud to work with businesses and corporations around the country to not only help feed hungry children, but to empower and mobilize employees to make a difference in their own communities and across the globe. Our meal-packaging events offer a way for companies to motivate and involve employees in company-wide activities and help instill a sense of giving into corporate cultures. We are able to mobilize anywhere from 15 to thousands of employees, vendors, stakeholders in the community, potential recruits and volunteers during Christmas parties, company service days, Hunger Projects or team building days. Read more about the opportunities available for your company to inspire and engage your partners to give back below.

Hunger Projects

Invite your employees, clients, potential clients, vendors and families to participate in a global or local Hunger Project. Mobilize thousands of people to come together to take a stand against hunger here at home and abroad. Introduce and include giving into your corporate culture by providing an opportunity for your company and partners to work together on assembly lines to package meals for hungry children and families.

Christmas Parties

Incorporate the season of GIVING into your next company Christmas party by packaging thousands of meals for hungry children right here at home or around the world. As your employees, vendors, partners and families gather to celebrate the end of another successful year, why not skip the fancy party and provide warm meals for your community during the holidays.

Team Building

A meal-packaging event is a great way to teach and implement leadership and team building tools within your company. Teams come together to reach a goal of packaging a certain number of meals in a certain amount of time. Teams must work together to become efficient and effective while working together to make the assembly work to the best of its’ ability. Bring this fun and philanthropic team activity to your company today.

Recruitment Event

Invite potential employees and start their experience with your organization as a commitment to community. This is a great way to meet new prospective employees and partners and give back to your local community in the same day. Create excitement and enthusiasm for your company’s generosity and corporate giving culture.

Company-Wide Service Projects

Choose Feeding Children Everywhere as this year’s service project. The best part about an FCE meal-packaging event is that we come to you. We can set up our assembly lines on-site to bring together employees, vendors and families to serve your community or a community of your choice around the world. Make a difference in the lives of your employees and those in need during a day of giving.
For more information on how you can bring one or more of these corporate opportunities to your organization, please contact us using the button below. We look forward to working with you and your team to make a difference in the lives of hungry children right here at home and across the globe.