Hunger Hero Profile: Greg Smith

Being a Hunger Hero is more than just attending a Hunger Project; it is about dedicating your time and resources to a cause that is much bigger. Here at Feeding Children Everywhere, we like to acknowledge those that have been empowered and mobilized to serve their communities.

Meet Greg Smith.

“My son and I wanted to volunteer and I heard of Feeding Children Everywhere. They had just moved locations and hosted their first Hunger Project at their new location,” he shared. “I was blown away and hooked from the first Hunger Project and in that moment I knew I wanted to do more.”

A period of time went by and in March of this year, Greg saw a group of young people on his flight. The Feeding Children Everywhere logo on the backpack of one of the members of the group caught his eye. Little did he know that the Feeding Children Everywhere staff was on his same flight and that backpack belonged to Christina Tineo, Vice President of Human Resources at Feeding Children Everywhere!

After exchanging business cards and countless conversations with our staff, Greg took action and put together the Lake County Bar Association Hunger Project, bringing together and empowering lawyers, doctors and community leaders!

By partnering with Feeding Children Everywhere, Greg has been able to help inspire other organizations and churches to host Hunger Projects as well.

“If five people can walk away from a Hunger Project, feeling empowered with the desire to help, the cause has grown. That’s why it is so powerful,” he shared.

Thank you Greg Smith for being such a rock star Hunger Hero and for empowering others to make a difference right here at home and around the world!

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