Rachel Kyes Mobilizes Gainesville Community

Rachel Kyes, a sophomore at Eastside High School, partnered with us on Saturday, February 24th to mobilize her community to package 20,000 healthy meals to be distributed to hungry families through the Gainesville Community Ministry.

Over 100 volunteers gathered at Eastside High School to hand-package our healthy lentil casseroles—a recipe formulated to fight the effects of malnutrition. The volunteers packaged meals working together on assembly lines where they scooped raw food product, weighed and sealed bags, and then wrote personal messages on the boxes.

Kyes not only spearheaded the event, but also raised over $5,000 for the project. She worked with local community partners and community members to help sponsor this event that will help change lives throughout the Gainesville area. She believes that helping others is something anyone can and should be a part of.

Just like Rachel Kyes, anyone across the country can host their own Feeding Children Everywhere event, whether its mobilizing students to employees to Girl Scouts—we can help make it happen.


Together, We Are Feeding Children Everywhere.

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