250,000 Meals to Open Door Haiti

Last week, Feeding Children Everywhere and a group of local volunteers gathered together to send 250,000 meals to Open Door Haiti (ODH). Among the Hunger Heroes was Doug Holliday, president of ODH, and a visionary leader who has worked to inspire individuals to get involved. Holliday began his global impact through ministry ten years ago, and after meeting pastor Wiljean Compere in 2000, he decided to make a trip to Haiti. There he realized the growing needs of the residents.  They were not only deprived of food, but also education, medical assistance and faith.

With that in mind, Doug began to work on the Cap Haitien complex in 2006 with the construction of a church, school, feeding center, medical clinic, and most recently, an orphanage. ODH became FCE’s first global partner in 2010, and the two organizations have continued to work closely to promote the welfare of the individuals they serve. Doug intends on replicating the formation of the ODH complex in other villages, and has already started churches and schools in neighboring areas.

His work does not end there, Doug visits the complex eight times a year for about a week.  In that time he continues his ministry work and leads group visits. ODH Haiti welcomes missionaries to help with projects around the complex, and assist in changing the lives of the people of Haiti.

“The visiting groups help with the feeding program and construction of facilities, as well as missionary work,” Doug stated on the duties at hand.

For more information about Open Door Haiti, please visit opendoorhaiti.com.

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