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Rainy Day Doesn’t Hold Back Miami Dolphins Special Teams

Dark clouds weren’t going to hold back the Miami Dolphins volunteer force!  One of our first outdoor events of the year started on a dreary day at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL.  The FCE Team set up the assembly lines and then, with fingers crossed, hoped that the rain would stay away.

The tenacity of the Miami Dolphins Special Teams volunteers shone through that rainy morning. As soon as volunteers started to filter in, the clouds seemed to disappear.  Over 100 enthusiastic and excited volunteers started quickly lining up under the cover of the Dolphins stadium. 

Not only were these volunteers ready to make a difference that morning, but they were also celebrating the accomplishment of finishing over 100,000 volunteer hours in less than two years.

“The Miami Dolphins Special Teams is a unique volunteer organization created to enlist and mobilize the ongoing services of the community with the Miami Dolphins staff, players and alumni.” – Miami Dolphins Website.

Former Miami Dolphins, Troy Drayton, Sean Hill and James Pruitt, made a special appearance to encourage and inspire volunteers!

Feeding Children Everywhere would like to give the Miami Dolphins Special Teams a huge thank you for all their hard work and dedication to making our communities a better place.

Together, we are Feeding Children Everywhere.

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